International Partnership For Energy Efficiency Cooperation - Initiatives


The IPEEC's work program includes several initiatives led by IPEEC member nations (task groups) as well as others led by the Secretariat. These include:

AEEFM - Assessment of Energy Efficiency Finance Mechanisms (led by India)
AEEFM seeks to identify and document methods to overcome the multiple barriers that impede the successful and widespread financing of energy efficiency projects. In particular, AEEFM is currently examining how energy efficiency projects can better utilize financing from domestic sources, such as commercial banks. This initiative is evaluating the use of mechanisms such as tax policy, lending/subsidy programs and energy service companies (ESCOs) to address known financial barriers.

EMAK - Energy Management Action Network for Industrial Efficiency (led by Japan)
EMAK is working on creating a forum to promote energy management in industry. Its goal is to interconnect two groups of major actors; one of policymakers and the other of industry leaders. Networking these two groups is meant to serve as a platform to share best practices for managing and reporting industrial energy consumption.

GSEP - Global Superior Energy Performance (led by the USA)
GSEP's aim is to cut global energy use:

  1. by participating in energy performance improvements in industrial facilities and large buildings (which, put together, represent almost 60 percent of global energy use) and
  2. by promoting public-private partnerships for cooperation in individual energy-intensive sectors. In general, GSEP helps businesses, governments, and other owners/operators of industrial facilities and large buildings to identify and follow money-saving pathways to reduce energy use and greenhouse emissions.

IPEEI - Improving Policies through Energy Efficiency Indicators (led by France)
IPEEI develops and implements methodologies for energy efficiency indicators that measure and report energy performance and explores the problems associated with the use of these methodologies. This is being achieved through a series of engagements between international experts and the sharing of technical expertise among nations.

SEAD - Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (led by USA)
SEAD aims at increasing the market penetration of super-efficient appliances through coordinated action and technical exchange by governments committed to market transformation for efficient appliances and equipment. It collaborates on test methods to measure appliance efficiency and coordinates incentives for manufacturers to provide more efficient equipment and appliances which could dramatically reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while saving consumers money. SEAD focuses on appliances of common interest to participating countries emphasizing those with large energy savings potential and high probabilities of market transformation success.

SBN - Sustainable Buildings Network (led by Germany)
SBN identifies policies which improve building energy efficiency in different regions of the globe. The current focus-areas are: intelligent tropical architecture, zero energy buildings, and policy packages to make existing buildings more energy efficient.

WEACT - Worldwide Energy Efficiency Action through Capacity Building and Training (led by Italy)
WEACT facilitates the creation, improvement and implementation of energy efficiency policy-making capacity in developing & emerging economies. This initiative is being implemented via capacity building events that include a high-level policy seminar and six technical workshops on energy efficiency options in key sectors such as buildings, appliances, and transportation.

Compilation and Summary of National Energy Efficiency Action Plans and Activities (led by IPEEC Secretariat)
This project is developing an inventory and will publish a summary of national energy efficiency action plans and activities that are submitted by IPEEC member countries. The goal is to identify and highlight best practice, policies and programs.

Inventory and Review of Multilateral and International Energy Efficiency Initiatives (led by IPEEC Secretariat)
This project is identifying and compiling summaries of existing multilateral and international energy efficiency initiatives that include an assessment of the effectiveness of such initiatives. This will enable IPEEC to highlight success stories and identify areas where additional work or coordination is needed.

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