International Health

International health, also called geographic medicine or global health, is a field of health care, usually with a public health emphasis, dealing with health across regional or national boundaries. One subset of international medicine, travel medicine, prepares travelers with immunizations, prophylactic medications, preventive techniques such as bednets and residual pesticides, in-transit care, and post-travel care for exotic illnesses. International health, however, more often refers to health personnel or organizations from one area or nation providing direct health care, or health sector development, in another area or nation. It is this sense of the term that is explained here. More recently, public health experts have become interested in global processes that impact on human health. Globalization and health, for example, illustrates the complex and changing sociological environment within which the determinants of health and disease express themselves.

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International Health - The U.S. Department of Defense
... In another teamwork effort, the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) of the United States Department of Defense, as the DoD's senior medical officer ... The International Health Division places great emphasis upon working with NGOs to provide sustainable, culturally-appropriate development activities around the ... base for essential services such as education, public health and sanitation, law enforcement and fire suppression ...
Jorge Jiménez - Current Endeavours
... in the drafting of policies and diffusion of WHO's more recent reports on critical issues of international health ... chaired the AIDS discussion group at two World Health Assemblies (2000 and 2001), represented WHO in the joint meeting with the European Commission in ... Between the years 2000 and 2001, he participated in the Macroeconomics and Health Commission, led by Professor Jeffrey Sachs in the Working Group 5 on Mechanisms for Improving health outcomes of ...
Thomas Parran, Jr. - Biography - Surgeon General
... which drafted the Social Security Act of 1935 Title 6 authorized millions for public health departments and for biomedical research ... War II, reports from Europe indicated that the public health situation was dire, and that prompt action was needed, and a highly qualified medical officer was required to direct the Public Health Division of ... of General Dwight Eisenhower's staff as the Chief of the Public Health Branch and the top public health adviser for Supreme Headquarters, American Expeditionary ...
Daniel Tarantola
... He is a Professor of Health and Human Rights at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, leading a cross-Faculty research initiative involving the Faculties of Medicine, Law and Arts and Social ... obtained his medical degree from Paris University, Daniel began an international health career in 1971 in the context of emergency humanitarian medical missions to Biafra (Nigeria), and Peru ... his career, Daniel worked over almost two decades with the World Health Organization on large scale international health programmes, including the eradication of smallpox from Bangladesh (1974–1978), childhood ...
Szeming Sze - Career - Initiator of World Health Organization
... Before the San Francisco Conference on International Organization opened on April 25, 1945, the US and UK delegates had consulted each other and had agreed that no questions in the field of health ... of the US-UK consultations, agreed that the question of establishing a new international health organization should be put on the conference agenda ... Mudaliar of India was the Chairman, calling for an international health conference of Member States which would have as its aim the establishment of an international health ...

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