Responsibility may refer to:

  • Collective responsibility
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Diffusion of responsibility
  • Diminished responsibility
  • Duty
  • Human responsibilities
  • Legal liability
  • Legal responsibility (disambiguation), various meanings
  • Media responsibility
  • Moral responsibility
  • Obligation
  • Professional responsibility
  • Responsibility assumption in spirituality and personal-growth contexts
  • Single responsibility principle
  • Social responsibility
  • Responsibility (song), a song by the Christian punk band MxPx
  • Cabinet collective responsibility, a constitutional Convention in Governments using the Westminster System
  • Individual ministerial responsibility, a constitutional convention guiding Cabinet ministers within Westminster-style political systems

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Alesha Dixon - Philanthropy
... It's a moral responsibility, I guess, I think I have." —Dixon, when asked whether celebrities have a responsibility to do good works ... herself and other celebrities as having a "moral responsibility" to do good works, when asked by The Observer's Elizabeth Day. 2010 to Blues Soul Dixon said "Being in the entertainment industry I do feel I have a responsibility that comes with my fame" ...
EABIS - Events
... to broaden and deepen international understanding of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues as they relate to a prominent field of business practice and research ... business-academic-stakeholder event on corporate responsibility and management development, it offers a platform for high level debate and exchange ... Colloquium addressed the topic of "Corporate responsibility and emerging markets" and took place at Saint Petersburg State University September 20–21 ...
1942 Raid In Southern Bačka - Responsibility
... Some Serbian historians claim that Horthy himself was aware of the raids and approved them being carried out ... Horthy was a witness at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II but despite strong demands from Yugoslavia was not charged as the Americans and the Soviets favored dropping any charges ...
Charles Picqué - Political Career
1983–1985 Member of the Saint-Gilles municipal Council, with responsibility for Town Planning 1985– Mayor of Saint-Gilles 1985–1987 Member of the Provincial ...
Water Supply And Sanitation In Guatemala - Responsibilities For Water and Sanitation - Provision of Services
... According to the law the provision of services is a responsibility of municipalities ... of the Republic of Guatemala gives the country's 332 municipalities the responsibility to use their resources to provide public services ... Municipal Code published as Government Decree 12-2002 confirmed the legal responsibility of municipalities to deliver public services, including water and sanitation, to all those living in urban and ...