Initial Consonants

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Dichotic Listening Test
... In the DFWT, each participant listens to pairs of monosyllabic rhyming consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words ... Each word varies in the initial consonant ... design is the utilisation of four VOT conditions short-long pairs (SL), where a Consonant-Vowel (CV) syllable with a short VOT is presented to the left ear and a CV syllable ...
Russian Phonetics - Historical Sound Changes
... All syllables ended in vowels, and consonant clusters, in far lesser variety than today, existed only in the syllable onset ... Otherwise, palatalized consonants appeared allophonically before front vowels ... vocalic system, was reanalyzed as an allophone of /i/ after hard consonants, prompting leveling that caused vowels to alternate according to the preceding consonant rather than vice versa ...
Amoy Dialect - Special Characteristics
... between voiced and voiceless unaspirated initial consonants (Mandarin has no voicing of initial consonants) ... differentiates between unaspirated and aspirated voiceless initial consonants (as Mandarin does too) ...

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