Informal Market

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Household Electricity Approach - General Concepts
... can help to estimate the size of a country's hidden market however, the household electricity approach makes several diversions from the previous works for ... The first of these was the decision to limit the concept of the informal market ... Lacko limits the informal market to non-registered activities that consume household electricity ...
Economy Of Moldova - Informal Market
... Transparency International's 2004 score for Moldova is 2.3 ... Therefore, Moldova's informal market score is 4 in 2005 ...

Famous quotes containing the words market and/or informal:

    ... married women work and neglect their children because the duties of the homemaker become so depreciated that women feel compelled to take a job in order to hold the respect of the community. It is one thing if women work, as many of them must, to help support the family. It is quite another thing—it is destructive of woman’s freedom—if society forces her out of the home and into the labor market in order that she may respect herself and gain the respect of others.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    We as a nation need to be reeducated about the necessary and sufficient conditions for making human beings human. We need to be reeducated not as parents—but as workers, neighbors, and friends; and as members of the organizations, committees, boards—and, especially, the informal networks that control our social institutions and thereby determine the conditions of life for our families and their children.
    Urie Bronfenbrenner (b. 1917)