Informal Attire

Informal attire, also called international business attire or Western business attire is a dress code, typified by a suit and necktie. On the scale of formality, informal attire is more formal than casual but less formal than semi-formal. It is more presentational than semi-casual, but offers more room for personal expression than semi-formal dress. Informal should not be confused with casual, not even smart casual — in loose common usage, many people refer to informal dress as semi-formal or formal and formal dress (in the technical sense — that is, white tie, black tie, and similar) as very formal; fashion writer Andrew Gilchrist doesn't accept this usage. The technical definition of informal is used in this article.

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Informal Attire - Usage in The Workplace
... A new form of attire had arisen, business casual, which consists of nice trousers, often chinos or khakis, and a polo shirt or short-sleeved shirt ... Today this is acceptable and common attire at technically oriented business meetings and in semiprofessional settings, and is continuing to gain ground over ... Male business attire is also nuanced ...

Famous quotes containing the words attire and/or informal:

    O thou day o’ th’ world,
    Chain mine armed neck, leap thou, attire and all,
    Through proof of harness to my heart, and there
    Ride on the pants triumphing!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    We as a nation need to be reeducated about the necessary and sufficient conditions for making human beings human. We need to be reeducated not as parents—but as workers, neighbors, and friends; and as members of the organizations, committees, boards—and, especially, the informal networks that control our social institutions and thereby determine the conditions of life for our families and their children.
    Urie Bronfenbrenner (b. 1917)