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Old Indian Defense
... The Old Indian Defense is a chess opening defined by the moves 1 ... c4 d6 This opening is distinguished from the King's Indian Defense by Black developing his king's bishop on e7 rather than the fianchetto at g7 ... The Old Indian is considered sound, though developing the bishop at e7 is less active than the fianchetto, and it has never attained the popularity of the ...
Suat Atalık - Notable Games
... Suat Atalik vs Gyula Sax, Maroczy mem 1997, Nimzo-Indian Defense Classical, Noa Variation, San Remo Variation (E37), 1-0 Florian Handke vs Suat Atalik, 16th open 2000, King's Indian Defense ...
Semi-Closed Game
... Indian systems 1 ... a b c d e f g h Dutch Defense 1 ... a b c d e f g h Benoni Defense By far the most important category of the semi-closed ... As these defenses have much in common and have a great deal more theory than all the remaining semi-closed openings put together, they are treated in a separate article see Indian defense for details ... This move is sometimes used by players wishing to play the Dutch Defense (1.d4 f5) without allowing White the option of 2.e4!?, the Staunton Gambit ...

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