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Phase-out Of Incandescent Light Bulbs - Regional Developments - Europe - Poland
... Sales of incandescent bulbs were gradually limited since 2009, starting from 100 Watt bulbs ... In September 2012 finally sales of 40W and weaker bulbs is limited ... The limit doesn't actually prohibit sales of incandescent bulbs, but requires that the bulbs are clearly marked as "not suitable for home use" ...
Phase-out Of Incandescent Light Bulbs - Public Opposition
... The phase out has been referred to as "light bulb socialism" ... The consumer preference for light bulbs in the EU is for incandescent bulbs, with many complaining about what was described as the ugliness or the cold, flat ... Bulk purchasing of incandescent bulbs was reported ahead of the EU lightbulb ban ...
Christmas Lighting Technology - LEDs
... their low energy usage (about one tenth the energy used by incandescent bulbs), very long lifetimes, and associated low maintenance ... at producing light than their colored incandescent counterparts ... addition, the plastic lens is much more durable than the glass envelope of incandescent bulbs ...
Photometry (optics) - Photometric Quantities - Watts Versus Lumens
... We are accustomed to thinking of light bulbs in terms of power in watts ... but rather indicates how much energy the bulb will use ... Because incandescent bulbs sold for "general service" all have fairly similar characteristics (same spectral power distribution), power consumption provides a rough guide to the light output of incandescent ...
LED Lamp - Comparison To Other Lighting Technologies
... Incandescent lamps (light bulbs) generate light by passing electric current through a resistive filament, thereby heating the filament to a very high temperature so that it glows and emits visible ... Incandescent sources yield a "warm" yellow or white color quality depending on the filament operating temperature ... Incandescent lamps emit 98% of the energy input as heat ...

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    The wide wonder of Broadway is disconsolate in the daytime; but gaudily glorious at night, with a milling crowd filling sidewalk and roadway, silent, going up, going down, between upstanding banks of brilliant lights, each building braided and embossed with glowing, many-coloured bulbs of man-rayed luminance. A glowing valley of the shadow of life. The strolling crowd went slowly by through the kinematically divine thoroughfare of New York.
    Sean O’Casey (1884–1964)

    Don’t think of yourself as an intestinal tract and tangle of nerves in the skull, that will not work unless you drink coffee. Think of yourself as incandescent power, illuminated perhaps and forever talked to by God and his messengers.... Think if Tiffany’s made a mosquito, how wonderful we would think it was!
    Brenda Ueland (1891–1985)