Imperative Mood

The imperative mood (abbreviated IMP) expresses commands or requests as a grammatical mood. These commands or requests urge the audience to act a certain way. It also may signal a prohibition, permission, or any other kind of exhortation.

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Imperative Mood - Indicative and Prohibitive Mood - Sanskrit
... लोट लकार (lot lakar) is used with the verb to form the imperative mood ... To form the negative, न (na) is placed before the verb in the imperative mood ...
List Of Glossing Abbreviations
... at' more specific than LOC) ADM admonitive mood (warning) ADV adverb(ial), adverbial case AFF affirmative mood AG, AGT agentive case (cf ACT) AGR agreement ALL allative case ('to') AL, ALLOC ... later) DEL delative case ('off of'), deliberative mood DEM demonstrative DEO deontic mood DEP dependent (as in DEP.FUT) DES, DESI desiderative mood DEST destinative aspect DET determiner DETR detransitive DH ... HBL R) HYP hypothetical mood I inflected ID identical (~ NID) IDENTIF identifiable IDEO ideophone (≈ MIM) IGNOR ignorative ILL illative case ('into') IMM immediate, as in immediate imperative ...
Bulgarian Conjugation - Finite Forms - Imperative Mood
... Inflected imperative forms exist only for the second person ... All regular verbs, regardless of conjugation, form the imperative mood in the same way Stems ending in a vowel (which include all third-conjugation verbs) use the ... Conjugation Citation form Stem Imperative mood Second person Singular Plural First пиша /ˈpiʃə/ пиш- /piʃ/ пиши /piˈʃi/ пишете /piˈʃɛt ...
Ilokano Verb - Imperative Mood
... The imperative mood of the verb is used for giving commands or making requests ... The difference between the infinitive use and the imperative use of the neutral form is that the imperative form is accompanied by a personal pronoun ... (First Person Dual) Imperative verbs do not inflect for aspect ...
Spanish Verbs - Accidents of A Verb - Mood
... Grammatical mood is one of a set of distinctive forms that are used to signal modality ... In Spanish, every verb has forms in three moods ... Indicative mood The indicative mood, or evidential mood, is used for factual statements and positive beliefs ...

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    Funny, but when you’re near me I’m in the mood for love.
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    To me Americanism means ... an imperative duty to be nobler than the rest of the world.
    Meyer London (1871–1926)