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Catch The Hare - Game Play and Rules
... The twelve hunters are place on the first two ranks of one side of the board, and two pieces are placed on the third rank specifically at the edge of the board ... The hunters move first ... Hare and hunters move alike ...
Hunters, Washington - Surrounding Communities
... Hunters provides schooling at Columbia High School as well as a county shop for the servicing of the local roads ...
Characters Of Supernatural - Hunters - Samuel Colt
... gun maker of the same name, Samuel Colt is a hunter who lived in the 19th century and the creator of the Colt—a gun that can kill almost any supernatural being ... of destroying Eve, come across Colt's journal which reveals that the hunter had killed a phoenix in 1861 ...
Løvejagten - Synopsis
... Two big game hunters are on safari in the jungle with their African guide ... During the night they are awakened by a lion which kills a small goat and then the hunters' horse ... The hunters shoot the lion as it stands by the water on a beach ...
List Of Halloween Television Specials - Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Ghost Hunters
... Ghost Hunters "Sorrel Weed House Halloween Special" (2005) Ghost Hunters "Stanley Hotel Halloween Special" (2006) Ghost Hunters "Waverly Hills Sanatorium ...

Famous quotes containing the word hunters:

    The rank and file have let their servants become their masters and dictators.... Provision should be made in all union constitutions for the recall of leaders. Big salaries should not be paid. Career hunters should be driven out, as well as leaders who use labor for political ends. These types are menaces to the advancement of labor.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    Back in the days when men were hunters and chestbeaters and women spent their whole lives worrying about pregnancy or dying in childbirth, they often had to be taken against their will. Men complained that women were cold, unresponsive, frigid.... They wanted their women wanton. They wanted their women wild. Now women were finally learning to be wanton and wild—and what happened? The men wilted.
    Erica Jong (b. 1942)

    Boys and bad hunters had known what to do
    With stone and lead to unprotected glass:
    Shatter it inward on the unswept floors.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)