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Hungarian Communist Workers' Party
... The Hungarian Communist Workers' Party (Hungarian Magyar Kommunista Munkáspárt) was created on December 17 1989, as a successor party of the Hungarian ... It was formed under the same name as its predecessor, "Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party" and changed its name to "Workers' Party" in 1993 ... In the same year, a group of hard-liners broke away to form the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party ...
List Of Heads Of State Of Hungary - Heads of State of Hungary - People's Republic of Hungary (1949–1989)
... Parties Hungarian Working People's Party (MDP) Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP) # Picture Name From Until Political party Notes 1 Árpád Szakasits 23 August 1949 26 ...
Workers' Socialist Federation
1917 and renamed itself again, this time as the Workers' Socialist Federation ... It also began working with the South Wales Socialist Society (SWSS) and the London Workers' Committee ... far left group in the country, the British Socialist Party (BSP) ...
List Of Heads Of State Of Hungary - General Secretaries of The Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (1945–1989)
... Political party Notes 1 Mátyás Rákosi February 18 ... July 1956 Hungarian Working People's Party (MDP) also Prime Minister (1952–1953) 2 Ernő Gerő 18 ...
Revolutionary Democratic Group
... The Revolutionary Democratic Group (RDG) is a socialist organisation in the United Kingdom ... They were founded in the early 1980s as a split from London and Scottish branches of the Socialist Workers Party, of which, for many years, they ... The RDG has consistently sought alliances with other socialist groups, with the aim of forming a larger, democratic socialist party ...

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    If the technology cannot shoulder the entire burden of strategic change, it nevertheless can set into motion a series of dynamics that present an important challenge to imperative control and the industrial division of labor. The more blurred the distinction between what workers know and what managers know, the more fragile and pointless any traditional relationships of domination and subordination between them will become.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)

    Men conceive themselves as morally superior to those with whom they differ in opinion. A Socialist who thinks that the opinions of Mr. Gladstone on Socialism are unsound and his own sound, is within his rights; but a Socialist who thinks that his opinions are virtuous and Mr. Gladstone’s vicious, violates the first rule of morals and manners in a Democratic country; namely, that you must not treat your political opponent as a moral delinquent.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)