Shashank may refer to:

  • a prominent Chinese surname in Chinese history
  • a Chinese given name
  • Duke Huan of Qi, a Chinese duke
  • Huan (Middle-earth), a fictional hound from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy writings
  • Huan County, a county in Gansu, China
  • Huan River, a tributary of the Yellow River in China
  • Simplified : 环, traditional : 環 (pinyin : huán), a Chinese character meaning jade ring, bracelet or ring

Other articles related to "huan":

Huan Fan
... Huan Fan (died 249), style name Yuanze (元則), was a minister of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history ... Huan Fan became very close to that of Cao Shuang and later earned the nickname "Font of Wisdom" ... At one time Huan Fan counseled Cao Shuang to fight onward rather than to surrender to Sima Yi ...
Cui Huan - Background
... It is not known when Cui Huan was born ... Cui Huan's father Cui Qu (崔璩) served as a deputy minister during the reign of Emperor Zhongzong's nephew Emperor Xuanzong and was said to be a ... Cui Huan had at least two brothers—an older brother named Cui Zhen (崔震) and a younger brother named Cui Bi (崔賁) ...
Huan Yanfan - Background
... Huan Yanfan was born in 653 ... roughly modern Zhenjiang, Jiangsu) and traced its ancestry to the Jin Dynasty (265-420) general Huan Chong ... His grandfather Huan Fasi (桓法嗣) and father Huan Simin (桓思敏) both served as officials during Tang Dynasty, and on account of this heritage, Huan ...
Tan Daoji - During Jin Dynasty
... When warlord Huan Xuan seized the Jin throne from Emperor An of Jin in 403, Liu Yu rose against him in 404, and Tan joined Liu Yu's army and served ... When Huan Xuan was killed late in 404 but his nephew Huan Zhen (桓振) continued to resist Liu's army, Tan killed Huan Zhen in battle ... invading Later Qin and Western Shu forces commanded by Gou Lin (苟林) and Huan Xuan's cousin Huan Qian (桓謙) in 410 and battling Xu Daofu (徐道覆), the brother-in-law of the warlord Lu Xun (盧循) ...
Liu Huan - An Inborn Singer
... Liu Huan’s skilled vocals give a deep impression to people ... His classmates recall Liu Huan sitting on the stairs of his dorm and playing his guitar singing songs every night until midnight ... When Liu Huan was in France, contrary to his classmates who spent most time of their time shopping and sightseeing, he always stayed in a bar in search of some inspiration ...