Hsia or HSIA may refer to:

  • Xia, transliteration variant from Chinese
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Hsia Chih-tsing (born 1921), Chinese literary critic
  • Maria Hsia, Taiwanese-American fundraiser
  • Liu Hsia (1942–2003), Taiwanese writer
  • Hsia Moon (born 1932), Hong Kong actress

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Hsia Chih-tsing - Characteristics of Hsia's Criticism
... The introduction to the third edition of Hsia's 'A History of Modern Chinese Fiction,' written by David Der-Wei Wang, makes several suggestions about Hsia's ... Wang indicates that Hsia's history was controversial in Mainland China for its perceived hostility to leftist literature, but Hsia's text, according to Wang, avoids ...
Wu Yen-hsia
... Wu Yen-hsia or Wu Yanxia (1930–2001) was a Chinese t'ai chi ch'uan teacher of Manchu ancestry ... Wu Yen-hsia was the younger sister of Wu Ta-k'uei and Wu Ta-ch'i, and married Kuo Hsiao-chung, who was also a disciple of her father ... Wu Yen-hsia moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1948 ...
Hsi Hsia
... Hsi Hsia or Hsi-hsia may be a transliteration variant from Chinese for one of the following Chinese 西夏 pinyin Xī Xià literally "Western Xia ...
Liu Hsia
... Liu Hsia (劉俠, pinyin Liú Xiá)(28 February 1942 – 8 February 2003), more often known as "Hsinglintzu"(杏林子pinyin Xìng Lín Zǐ) for her penname, was an influential Taiwanese writer ... Persondata Name Liu, Hsia Alternative names Short description Date of birth 28 February 1942 Place of birth Date of death 8 February 2003 Place of death ...
Maria Hsia
... Maria Hsia was convicted of laundering donations to the Democratic National Committee by the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple during the 1996 U.S ... Born in Taiwan, Hsia came to the United States as a student in 1973 and received a permanent resident visa in 1975 ... In 1982, Hsia began fund-raising for political candidates in state and local races ...