A house is a home, building or structure the primary function of which is to be occupied for habitation by humans or other creatures. The term house includes many kinds of dwellings ranging from rudimentary huts of nomadic tribes to complex structures composed of many systems.English-speaking people generally call any building they routinely occupy "home".

The social unit that lives in a house is known as a household. Most commonly, a household is a family unit of some kind, though households may be other social groups, organizations or individuals.

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Battle Of Dunaverty - Testificate By Sir James Turner in Favour of Colein M'Eacharne (Colin MacEacharn) 4 July 1662
... in the north west Hielands of Scotland And speciallie at the intaking of the hous of Duavarty Ther wes ane gentleman within the said hous named Angus M'Eacharin of Killelan x wha wes taken ...
Houses and Symbolism
... Houses of particular historical significance (former residences of the famous, for example, or even just very old houses) may gain a protected status in town planning as examples of built heritage and/or of streetscape values ... Commemorative plaques may mark such structures ...
Écréhous - History
... John, Duke of Normandy granted the Ecréhous to the Abbey of Valricher that they might build a church there ... that a prior was living in the Ecréhous with one monk and a servant a navigation light was lit every night ... In the 17th century the Écréhous were used by smugglers ...