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  • Adam Houghton (1310-1389), Bishop of St. David's, Lord Chancellor of England
  • Amo Houghton (born 1926), New York politician
  • Amory Houghton (1899–1981), American diplomat and scouting notable
  • Arthur Boyd Houghton (1836–1875), British painter and illustrator
  • Bob Houghton (born 1947), English football manager
  • Buck Houghton (1915–1999), American television producer
  • Chantelle Houghton (born 1983), participant in Celebrity Big Brother
  • Charles Frederick Houghton (1839–1898), Canadian politician
  • Daniel Houghton (1740–1791), Irish explorer of Africa
  • Don Houghton (1930–1991), British television screenwriter
  • Douglas Houghton, Baron Houghton of Sowerby (1898–1996), British Labour politician
  • Douglass Houghton (1809–1845), American geologist
  • Eric Houghton (1910–1996), English football player and manager
  • Harry Houghton (1906-?), British naval officer who spied for the Polish and Soviet secret services
  • Israel Houghton (born 1971), American Christian music singer
  • James Houghton (born 1948), American actor and writer
  • James R. Houghton, American businessman
  • John Houghton (martyr) (died 1535), English Catholic priest and martyr
  • John T. Houghton (born 1931), British scientist
  • John Houghton (politician), Isle of Man politician
  • John Houghton (footballer), New Zealand international football (soccer) player
  • Katharine Houghton (born 1945), American actress
  • Laura Mersini-Houghton (born ?), Albanian theoretical physicist-cosmologist
  • Nick Houghton (born 1954), British Army officer
  • Peter Houghton (1938–2007), artificial heart transplant patient
  • Peter Houghton (footballer) (born 1954), English footballer
  • Ray Houghton (born 1962), Scottish-born Irish footballer
  • Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton (1809–1885), English poet and politician
  • Sherman Otis Houghton (1828–1914), American politician
  • Stanley Houghton (1881–1913), English playwright
  • Thomas Houghton (disambiguation)
  • Vasey Houghton (1921–2001), Australian politician

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