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San Disk Cruzer - Uses - Application Carriers
... drives are used to carry applications that run on the host computer without requiring installation ... on the hard drive and registry of the host computer ... flash drive U3-compatible devices are designed to autoload a menu when plugged into a computer running Windows ...
Recovery Magic - Security Software Features
... of security by virtue of being able to restore the host computer system completely back to a baseline which if it is virus free, automatically rids the host computer of ... While such claims are often true when all partitions on the host computer are protected, the capability seem more by coincidence than design ...
Windows Media Center Extender - Technology
... The Extender creates its own user account on the host PC(MCX1, MCX2, etc.) and then uses a version of Fast User Switching to enable the use of the host computer and ... The server software, which runs on the host PC and streams the media, is built into Windows Media Center ... processing done by the MCE software and plug-ins happen at the host computer only the user interface is streamed to the MCX devices ...
555 Timer IC - Example Applications - Joystick Interface Circuit Using The 558 Quad Timer
... mode to interface up to four "game paddles" or two joysticks to the host computer ... Software running in the host computer started the process of determining the joystick position by writing to a special address (ISA bus I/O address 201h) ... Software running in the host computer measured the pulse width to determine the joystick position ...
GURPS Reign Of Steel - Setting - AIs
... Denver itself was damaged during the war and repaired its own host computer using human brain tissue, keeping this a secret from the other AIs for fear they would consider it "tainted" as ... As a result the British Isles host one of only two remaining organised human nations in a wary peace with the dominant AI ... Its host computer is on board the former 'Liberty' American space station ...

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    The archetype of all humans, their ideal image, is the computer, once it has liberated itself from its creator, man. The computer is the essence of the human being. In the computer, man reaches his completion.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)

    Think of the earth as a living organism that is being attacked by billions of bacteria whose numbers double every forty years. Either the host dies, or the virus dies, or both die.
    Gore Vidal (b. 1925)