HOOPS 3D Graphics System

HOOPS 3D Graphics System

The HOOPS 3D Graphics System is a proprietary, closed source 3D graphics API designed for the engineering software industry. The HOOPS 3D Graphics System is now part of HOOPS Visualize, a high-level 3D graphics SDK. HOOPS Visualize is notable for its general purpose nature. For example, unlike a game engine, which is optimized for frame rate over a limited dataset, HOOPS Visualize attempts to provide a visually precise, interactive environment for a wide variety of datasets.

HOOPS Visualize supports common operations for engineering applications, such as dimensioning, computation of geometric volumes and areas, and advanced rendering modes. However, Visualize is not a modeling tool and has limited animation capabilities.

It is one of the longest-running APIs of its kind still under active development.

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