Home Run Derby (TV Series)

Home Run Derby (TV Series)

Home Run Derby is a 1960 television show that was held at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles pitting the top sluggers of Major League Baseball against each other in nine-inning home run contests. The show was produced and hosted by actor/broadcaster Mark Scott and distributed by Ziv Television Programs.

The series aired in syndication from January 9 to July 2, 1960 and helped inspire the Home Run Derby event that is now held the day before the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game. ESPN staged a revival of the show in 2003.

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Home Run Derby (TV Series) - Results
... Episode Winner winnings cumulative winnings)Loser winnings cumulative winnings)Score 1 Mickey Mantle $2,000)Willie Mays $1,000)9-8 2 Mickey Mantle $2,000/4,000)Ernie Banks $1,000)5-3 3 Mickey ...

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