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Raccoon - Behavior - Social Behavior
... The shape and size of a raccoon's home range varies depending on age, sex, and habitat, with adults claiming areas more than twice as large as juveniles ... While the size of home ranges in the inhospitable habitat of North Dakota's prairies lay between 7 and 50 km2 (3 and 20 sq mi) for males and between 2 and 16 km2 (1 ... Irrespective of whether the home ranges of adjacent groups overlap, they are most likely not actively defended outside the mating season if food supplies are sufficient ...
Salvin's Spiny Pocket Mouse - Behavior
... In dry forest systems, home ranges of.20 ha overlap, but intolerance and aggression is shown to members of the same sex ... This results in the clumping of female home ranges around male home ranges ...
Perognathus Parvus - Timing of Major Life Events
... Home ranges of 7,060 to 9,630 square feet (656–895 sq m) have been reported for Great Basin pocket mice in British Columbia ... Males may have larger home ranges than females ... Average home ranges reported from south-central Washington are 23,030 square feet (2,140 sq m) and 33,640 square feet (3,125 sq m) for adult males and 15,564 square feet (1,446 sq m) for adult females ...
Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur - Behaviour
... instead compensating for food scarcity with a larger than average home range ... Males have a home range of about 4.92 hectares, while females have a home range of about 2.50 hectares ... Females tend to remain in a home range that is close to, or includes their place of birth ...

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