High School Club

High School Club

High School clubs, are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations functioning with myriads of tasks, varying on the specific purpose of each respective club. Clubs composed of students, with adults as advising figures to maintain the functionality of clubs. Clubs primarily focus on four aspects: fundraising, community service, career interest, and interpersonal dynamics (also known as group dynamics). In general, clubs are broken down into two main categories: State and/or Nation Wide organizations, and local clubs. Within major, nation-wide club organizations, each individual charter within each school is referred to as a "chapter". Clubs are started by either corporations, counterpart adult organizations, or campus students looking to satisfy a need or demand. High school clubs are predominantly located in the United States, Canada, and Japan though many clubs exist in Europe as well.

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... Though high school hockey in New York can be dated back to the mid 1940's, the first league -- called the Northern New York Scholastic Hockey League -- was formed in ... a 1934 Clarkson College graduate who taught high school mathematics in the then Norfolk School District (today Norwood-Norfolk) ... Lawrence University, were significant influences in the birth of high school hockey in this region ...
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... Many teenagers join clubs that offer no academic, organizational, or community benefit ... These clubs tend to focus around culture, social dynamics, and self-interest ... These clubs look to satisfy the needs and demands of teenagers in each school, based on environment, tradition, and culture ...
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