Heat Treatment

Second album by rock and roll singer-songwriter Graham Parker. A close follow-up to the debut album, Howlin' Wind, Heat Treatment was well received by critics and contains signature Parker songs like the rollicking title track, "Pourin' It All Out", and "Fool's Gold". "That's What They All Say" is a Dylan-esque putdown from a realist perspective, while "Turned Up Too Late" was perhaps Parker's most emotionally mature composition to date. "Black Honey" is a dark, downcast sequel to the debut's upbeat first track "White Honey". "Hotel Chambermaid" was covered many years later by Rod Stewart.

In recent years Parker on his website has singled out this album as one of his least favorite of his own works, citing his inexperienced vocal technique, his rushed songwriting, and the stiff production by Robert John "Mutt" Lange. In the 1980s Lange became a massively successful producer of such groups as AC/DC and Def Leppard.

In 2001, Vertigo/Mercury issued a remastered and expanded CD, including two tracks from The Pink Parker EP.

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Robert Christgau A
Rolling Stone (positive)
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Trouser Press (Very favorable)

The album finished second in the 1976 Village Voice critics poll of the year's best albums along with his previous album, Howlin' Wind, released the same year, at number four.

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