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Accident and Health

With the acquisition of LDG Management Company Incorporated in 1996, HCC began writing medical stop-loss insurance and made a pivotal entry into the Life, Accident and Health industry. Through subsequent acquisitions and by maintaining a strong underwriting focus, HCC has become a market leader in medical stop-loss insurance, as well as a solid player in the HMO reinsurance, provider excess, medical excess, sports disability, short term medical and international medical insurance markets. Its staff of underwriters, claim specialists, actuaries, and medical professionals collaborating makes it possible for HCC to consider unusual risks and offer underwriting flexibility on a case-by-case basis.

Medical stop-loss insurance is a major component of the business segment. Medical stop-loss insurance providers employers that self-fund their employee health benefits protection against catastrophic loss. More than 3,500 employer groups and five million lives across the United States trust HCC to protect their plan from unexpected catastrophic claims that can occur during a plan year. Aggregate and specific coverages are available to a diverse group of employers and providers, from those with as few as 50 covered lives to organizations employing thousands.

Short term medical insurance offers a solution for individuals transitioning between jobs, college students or recent graduates, children who are no longer eligible on their parents' plans due to age or status, those seeking an affordable alternative to COBRA, new employees waiting for group coverage to begin, and indidivuals not yet eligible for Medicare coverage.

HCC also offers high-limit sports disability insurance to protect against the future loss of earnings of athletes who may become temporarily or permanently disabled and can no longer continue their professional sports career. Coverage is available for the team or individual players.

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