Handwriting - Inferences From Handwriting Samples

Inferences From Handwriting Samples

The handwriting can contain some other information. For example, you can find out whether a person was nervous or intoxicated at the time of the sample.

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Inferences From Handwriting Samples - Graphology
... Graphology is the pseudoscientific study and analysis of handwriting in relation to human psychology ...

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    Good government cannot be found on the bargain-counter. We have seen samples of bargain-counter government in the past when low tax rates were secured by increasing the bonded debt for current expenses or refusing to keep our institutions up to the standard in repairs, extensions, equipment, and accommodations. I refuse, and the Republican Party refuses, to endorse that method of sham and shoddy economy.
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    Rules and particular inferences alike are justified by being brought into agreement with each other. A rule is amended if it yields an inference we are unwilling to accept; an inference is rejected if it violates a rule we are unwilling to amend. The process of justification is the delicate one of making mutual adjustments between rules and accepted inferences; and in the agreement achieved lies the only justification needed for either.
    Nelson Goodman (b. 1906)

    Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently.
    Jean Cocteau (1889–1963)