Hairy Cell Leukemia

Hairy cell leukemia is an uncommon hematological malignancy characterized by an accumulation of abnormal B lymphocytes. It is usually classified as a sub-type of chronic lymphoid leukemia. Hairy cell leukemia makes up approximately 2% of all leukemias, with fewer than 2,000 new cases diagnosed annually in North America and Western Europe combined.

Hairy cell leukemia was originally described as histiocytic leukemia, malignant reticulosis, or lymphoid myelofibrosis in publications dating back to the 1920s. The disease was formally named leukemic reticuloendotheliosis and its characterization significantly advanced by Bertha Bouroncle and colleagues at The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1958. Its common name, which was coined in 1966, is derived from the "hairy" appearance of the malignant B cells under a microscope.

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Hairy Cell Leukemia - Research Directions
... The Hairy Cell Leukemia Consortium was founded in 2008 to address researchers' concerns about the long-term future of research on the disease ... All of these protein-based drugs combine part of an anti-B cell antibody with a bacterial toxin to kill the cells on internalization ... BL22 and HA22 attack a common protein called CD22, which is present on hairy cells and healthy B cells ...
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... presents lipid molecules CD2 a type I transmembrane protein found on thymocytes, T cells, and some natural killer cells that acts as a ligand for CD58 and CD59 and is ... CD3 the signaling component of the T cell receptor (TCR) complex CD4 a co-receptor for MHC Class II also a receptor used by HIV to enter T cells CD5 a type I transmembrane protein ... CD6 adhesion molecule linking developing thymus-cells to thymus epithelial cells co-stimulator to mature T cells CD7 a type I transmembrane protein found on thymocytes, some T cells ...
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... was identified in a patient with an unidentified T cell lymphoproliferative disease that was described as having characteristics similar to the B cell disorder, hairy cell leukemia ... HTLV-2 was identified in a second patient with a T cell lymphoproliferative disease this patient later developed hairy cell leukemia, but HTLV-2 was not ... The cause of hairy cell leukemia is not known, but it is no longer believed to be related to viral infections ...

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