HAC may refer to:

  • Hackney Downs railway station, London; National Rail station code HAC
  • Le Havre Athletic Club a professional football club in France.
  • Hectare
  • High acid crude oil, a crude oil with a high concentration of naphthenic acids
  • High-availability cluster (computing)
  • Hokkaido Air System Co., Ltd.
  • Honourable Artillery Company
  • Hóquei Académico de Cambra, a rink hockey club from Vale de Cambra, Portugal
  • Hospital Acquired Condition
  • Hot Action Cop, a band from Nashville, TN
  • Hot adult contemporary, a radio format
  • Hughes Aircraft Company
  • Human artificial chromosome
  • Humanist Association of Canada
  • Humboldt Arts Council - arts council in Humbolt County, California, USA
  • Hyles-Anderson College
  • Newey–West HAC estimator - heteroskedasticity- and autocorrelation-consistent estimator
  • House Appropriations Committee, a committee of the United States House of Representatives
  • The U.S. Hearing Aid Compatibility Act, 1988
  • Heading Alignment Circle
  • Hrvatske autoceste, a Croatian motorway operator
  • Honorary Air Commodore, an honorary air force position
  • Hotel Association of Canada
  • Home Access Center

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