There are several meanings of Haar:

  • Haar (fog), a Scottish word for the fog or sea mist
  • Hair in the German and Dutch languages
Place names
  • Haar, Bavaria, a municipality near Munich, Germany
  • Haar (Westphalia), a hill range in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Family name
  • Alfréd Haar (1885 – 1933), a Hungarian mathematician
    • Haar wavelet, the first wavelet
    • Haar measure, a set-theoretic measure
    • Haar-like features, a technique in computer vision

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Haar, Bavaria
... Haar is a municipality in the district of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany ... It is home to the Haar Disciples, a team in the first division of German's Baseball Bundesliga ...
List Of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Characters - Other Playable Characters - In Crimea - Haar
... Haar (ハール, Hāru?, Germany Darahan) was once a Dracoknight of Daein who was attached to Shiharam's fleet before this, he was a member of the Begnion Dracoknights ... After Shiharam died in the Mad King's War, Haar began flying across the continent as a cargo carrier ... At the end of the game, if Jill and Haar have an "A" rank support, he will marry her ...
Paul Vander Haar
... Paul Vander Haar (born 7 March 1958) is a former Australian rules footballer who played 201 games with Essendon in the Victorian Football League (VFL) ... Born of Dutch migrants, Vander Haar was educated at Whitefriars College ... career his surname was normally spelled as three words Paul Van Der Haar ...
When The Haar Rolls In
... When the Haar Rolls In is an album by James Yorkston ... When the Haar Rolls In is the fourth studio album by Yorkston ...
Haar (fog)
... In meteorology, haar is a coastal fog ... Haar is typically formed over the sea and is brought to land by wind advection ... The term haar is used along certain lands bordering the North Sea, primarily eastern Scotland ...