• (noun): The activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes.
    Synonyms: dressing
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The Ultimate Prom Nite (Season 2) - Grooming
... kicked off their journey toward the thrones by attending a week-long grooming session which began by a skincare class by Nivea and wholly uses Nivea products ...
Body Grooming - Grooming Today
... Today, men and women around the world embrace grooming as an essential part of their everyday routines ... to the daily morning shave of the face, grooming is now about the whole body from head to toe ... Salons that cater to the grooming needs of men have opened up all over the world and offer services in a masculine environment that fights the age-old stigma that ...
Brigham Young University Honor Code - Standards
... The BYU honor code governs not only academic behavior, but morality, and dress and grooming standards of students and faculty, with the aim of providing an atmosphere ... the "Residential Living Standards" (visiting hours for members of the opposite sex) Dress and Grooming Standards ... Abiding by the guidelines for dress, grooming, and housing ...
Smith's Bush Squirrel - Breeding
... a common scent is shared by mutual grooming, which is an important facet of the social fibre of this species ... Tree Squirrels are diligent in their grooming and a mother tree squirrel will hold her offspring down with her forelegs while grooming the little animal with licks, nibbles and the use of her claws ...
Reasons For Body Grooming
... Grooming is a matter of personal preference and men have numerous reasons for trimming or removing their body hair ... odor is also a potentially embarrassing grooming issue and a common reason for trimming or removing body hair ...

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    Cats are the ultimate narcissists. You can tell this because of all the time they spend on personal grooming. Dogs aren’t like this. A dog’s idea of personal grooming is to roll in a dead fish. Dogs spend their time thinking about doing good deeds for their masters, or sleeping.
    James Gorman (b. 1949)