Green Party of Saskatchewan

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is a left-leaning Green political party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

It was founded in 1998 as the New Green Alliance (NGA) by environmental and social justice activists frustrated by the social democratic Saskatchewan New Democratic Party's move to the right under Roy Romanow. Unlike many Green parties in Canada, the NGA was decidedly left wing, favouring, for example, progressive taxation, workers' rights and the elimination of poverty. NGA supporters believed that the Green Party of Canada and Green Party of Ontario were essentially eco-capitalist parties because they favour regressive consumption taxes and oppose taxes on incomes and corporations. The NGA also opposed privatization of Crown corporations. As a Green party, the NGA supported ecological agriculture, balanced ecological forestry and forest use, and promote a soft energy path. The NGA was committed to peace and non-violence, and in contrast to the Green Party of Canada, took a strong stance against the U.S. war in Iraq.

The NGA ran candidates in Saskatchewan elections, but was unable to win any seats in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. In the 2003 election, the NGA nominated 27 candidates who received only 2,504 votes (about 0.5% of the vote), compared to 189,000 for the NDP. This was a decline from the 1999 election, when the party received 5% of the vote in the 16 ridings where it ran candidates.

The Green Party failed to win any seats in the provincial election of 2007.

At the party's 2005 convention, its members voted to change the party name to the Green Party of Saskatchewan because "Green Party" is more recognized by voters and because the "Alliance" part of the old name could cause confusion. The party now appears to be affiliated with the Green Party of Canada.

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