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California Wine - Grapes and Wines
... Over a hundred grape varieties are grown in California including French, Italian and Spanish wine varietals as well as hybrid grapes and new vitis vinifera varieties developed ... The seven leading grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Merlot Pinot noir Sauvignon blanc Syrah Zinfandel Other important red wine grapes include Barbera ... The Santa Cruz based Bonny Doon Vineyard was one of first wineries to promote these grape varieties in California actively ...
Priorat (DOQ) - Grapes
... The traditional grape variety grown in El Priorat is the red Garnacha tinta, which is found in all the older vineyards ... Also authorized are the following red varieties Garnacha Peluda, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah ... Four white varieties are also authorized Garnacha blanca, Macabeo, Pedro Ximénez and Chenin ...
Luxembourg Wine - Grape Varieties
... Common grape varieties in Luxembourg, and the vineyard surface they covered in 2006, are Müller-Thurgau, usually under the name Rivaner 377.1 ha (29.0%) Auxerrois Blanc 184.2 ha (14.2 ...
Champagne (wine) - Grape Varieties and Styles
... As a general rule, grapes used must be the white Chardonnay, or the dark-skinned "red wine grapes" Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier ... Due to the gentle pressing of the grapes and absence of skin contact during fermentation, the dark-skinned varieties also yield a white wine ... Four other grape varieties are permitted, mostly for historical reasons, as they are rare in current usage ...
Madiran Wine - Pacherenc Du Vic-Bilh AOC
... The main grape varieties for the dry wine are Courbu and Petit Manseng, which together must make up at least 60%, and neither of which may exceed 80% ... Accessory grape varieties (up to 40%) are Arrufiac, Gros Manseng and Sauvignon blanc, with Sauvignon blanc being limited to a maximum of 10% ... The proportions of grape varieties allowed have been modified in recent years, with the most recent changes being implented in 2005 ...

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