Goldbach may refer to:

  • Germany:
    • Goldbach (Bode), a large stream in the Harz Mountains
  • Germany:
    • Goldbach, Bavaria, a municipality in Bavaria
    • Goldbach, Thuringia, a municipality in Thuringia
    • Goldbach (Crailsheim), a quarter of Crailsheim in Baden-Württemberg
  • Switzerland:
    • Goldbach, Hasle bei Burgdorf, part of Hasle bei Burgdorf, Canton of Berne
    • Goldbach, Lützelflüh, part of Lützelflüh, Canton of Berne
    • Goldbach, Zurich, part of Küsnacht, Canton of Zurich
  • Christian Goldbach, an 18th century Prussian mathematician
    • Goldbach's conjecture, one of the oldest unsolved problems in number theory

Other articles related to "goldbach":

Goldbach, Zurich
... Goldbach is part of the municipality of Küsnacht in the district of Meilen in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland ... Goldbach is located north of Küsnacht proper, south and west of Zollikon, and on the Goldküste (Gold Coast) of Lake Zürich ... The Küsnacht-Goldbach railway station is 12-14 minutes from downtown Zurich via the S6 and S16 S-Bahn train lines ...
Stern Prime
... Sloane's  A007697 lists odd numbers with at least n Goldbach representations ... efficient Waring representations than their Goldbach representations would suggest ... Christian Goldbach conjectured in a letter to Leonhard Euler that every odd integer is of the form p + 2b² with b allowed to be any integer, including zero ...
Uncle Petros And Goldbach's Conjecture
... Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture is a 1992 novel by Greek author Apostolos Doxiadis ... of two primes, which is a famous unsolved mathematics problem called Goldbach's Conjecture ... a $1 million prize for anybody who proved Goldbach's Conjecture within two years of the book's publication in 2000 ...
Goldbach–Euler Theorem
... In mathematics, the Goldbach–Euler theorem (also known as Goldbach's theorem), states that the sum of 1/(p − 1) over the set of perfect powers p, excluding 1 and omitting repetitions, converges to 1 This result ... Euler attributed the result to a letter (now lost) from Goldbach ...
Schinzel's Hypothesis H - Extension To Include The Goldbach Conjecture
... The hypothesis doesn't cover Goldbach's conjecture, but a closely related version (hypothesis HN) does ... That requires an extra polynomial F(x), which in the Goldbach problem would just be x, for which N − F(n) is required to be a prime number, also ...