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Mobile Weapons - Mobile Suits - Mobile Suits in Anno Domini
... These units make use of a technology called GN Drives, granting the Gundams virtually unlimited energy supply the Gundams consequently have superior capabilities compared to the ... The first Gundam to utilise a GN Drive was the O Gundam, which was deployed in AD 2301 ... Celestial Being enjoyed from having the only GN Drives would be removed, when the UN obtained 30 GN Tau Drives (virtually similar to the original GN drives ...
List Of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Technology - GN Science - Twin Drive System
... The "Twin Drive System" is a 200-year-old GN technology concept originally devised by Aeolia Schenberg, and currently in use exclusively in the 00 Gundam (although it was later ... The system utilizes two GN Drives with a synchronized GN particle production rate as the basis for the system's operation, which creates a synchronization of the topological defects in the two GN Drives ... This ultimately produces a synergy in which the total output of both drives is squared (by coupling the drives' production) ...
List Of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Technology - GN Science - Trans-Am System
... System is a system that temporarily removes the 'limiter' on the true GN Drives ... Under normal operation, the limiter reduces the output of the GN Drives while the drives themselves store up any excess GN Particles created inside GN Condensers ... With the limiter deactivated, the GN Drives can then operate at their full power by releasing all of their stored particles instantaneously ...

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