Fusion Protein

Fusion Protein

Fusion proteins or chimeric proteins are proteins created through the joining of two or more genes which originally coded for separate proteins. Translation of this fusion gene results in a single polypeptide with functional properties derived from each of the original proteins. Recombinant fusion proteins are created artificially by recombinant DNA technology for use in biological research or therapeutics. Chimeric mutant proteins occur naturally when a complex mutation, such as a chromosomal translocation, tandem duplication, or retrotransposition creates a novel coding sequence containing parts of the coding sequences from two different genes. Naturally occurring fusion proteins are commonly found in cancer cells, where they may function as oncoproteins. The bcr-abl fusion protein is a well-known example of an oncogenic fusion protein, and is considered to be the primary oncogenic driver of chronic myelogenous leukemia.

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Cell-penetrating Peptide - Mechanisms of Membrane Translocation - Direct Penetration
... The first step in this proposed model is an interaction with the unfolded fusion protein (TaT) and the membrane through electrostatic interactions, which ... After internalization, the fusion protein refolds due the chaperon system ... may be common and perhaps central to the functions of many membrane protein functions ...
Tpr-met Fusion Protein
... Tpr-met fusion protein is an oncogene fusion protein consisting of TPR and MET. ...
Fusion Protein - Natural Occurrence
... Naturally occurring fusion genes are most commonly created when a chromosomal translocation replaces the terminal exons of one gene with intact exons from a ... transcribed, spliced, and translated to produce a functional fusion protein ... Many important cancer-promoting oncogenes are fusion genes produced in this way ...
Maltose-binding Protein - Use
... MBP is used to increase the solubility of recombinant proteins expressed in E ... In these systems, the protein of interest is often expressed as a MBP-fusion protein, preventing aggregation of the protein of interest ... as an affinity tag for purification of recombinant proteins ...
Biologic Medical Product - Major Classes - Produced By Recombinant DNA
... one of three types Substances that are (nearly) identical to the body's own key signalling proteins ... Examples are the blood-production stimulating protein erythropoetin, or the growth-stimulating hormone named (simply) "growth hormone" or biosynthetic human insulin and its analogues ... Receptor constructs (fusion proteins), usually based on a naturally-occurring receptor linked to the immunoglobulin frame ...

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