Funnelbeaker Culture

Funnelbeaker Culture

The Funnel(-neck-)beaker culture, short TRB or TBK from (German) Trichter(-rand-)becherkultur (ca 4100 BC–ca 2800 BC) was an archaeological culture in north-central Europe. It developed as a technological merger of local neolithic and mesolithic techno-complexes between the lower Elbe and middle Vistula rivers, introducing farming and husbandry as a major source of food to the pottery-using hunter-gatherers north of this line. Preceded by Lengyel-influenced STK groups/Late Lengyel in the southeast, Rössen groups in the southwest and the Ertebølle-Ellerbek groups in the north, the TRB techno-complex is divided into a northern group including modern northern eastalbingian Germany and southern Scandinavia (TRB-N, roughly the area that previously belonged to the Ertebølle-Ellerbek complex), a western group between Zuiderzee and lower Elbe, an eastern group centered around the Vistula catchment, roughly ranging from Oder to Bug, and south-central groups (TRB-MES, Altmark) around the middle and upper Elbe and Saale. Especially in the southern and eastern groups, local sequences of variants emerged. In the late 4th millennium BC, the Globular Amphora culture (KAK) replaced most of the eastern and subsequently also the southern TRB groups, reducing the TRB area to modern northern Germany and southern Scandinavia. The younger TRB in these areas was superseded by the Single Grave culture (EGK) at about 2800 BC. The north-central European megaliths were built primarily during the TRB era.

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Funnelbeaker Culture - Genetics
... It has been suggested that the Funnelbeaker culture was the origin of the gene allowing adults of Northern European descent to digest lactose ... that in the area formerly inhabited by this culture, prevalence of the gene is virtually universal ... suggests that the Linear Pottery culture (also known as Linearbandkeramik or LBK), which preceded the TRB culture by some 1,500 years, was the culture in which this ...
Early History Of Pomerania - Neolithic (Late Stone) Age (3000 -1900 BC) - Funnelbeaker Culture
... Further information Funnelbeaker culture and Megaliths in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern From 3000 to 1900 BC Pomerania was settled by farmers and herders of the Funnelbeaker culture (also TRB, Trichterbecher culture), that ... The Funnelbeaker culture people erected numerous Megalith tombs ...
Stone-Age Poland - Neolithic - Neolithic Cultures Developed By Native Populations
... After 4500 BCE the Ertebølle culture of northwestern origin entered a ceramic phase with its own forms of pottery (characteristic pointed bottoms) ... fertile areas utilized by the late Danubian cultures, they became the threat that compelled the Danubian farmers to fortify their settlements ... The first truly native Neolithic culture was the Funnelbeaker culture, named after the shape of their typical clay vessels ...

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