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Thorium Compounds - Applications - Thorium As A Nuclear Fuel - Thorium Energy Fuel Cycle
... The preparation of thorium fuel does not require isotopic separation, unlike the preparation of uranium fuels ... The thorium fuel cycle creates 233U, which, if separated from the reactor's fuel, could with some difficulty be used for making nuclear weapons ... This is one reason why a liquid-fuel cycle (e.g ...
Nuclear Chemistry - Main Areas - The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
... associated with any part of the nuclear fuel cycle, including nuclear reprocessing ... The fuel cycle includes all the operations involved in producing fuel, from mining, ore processing and enrichment to fuel production (Front end of the cycle) ... It also includes the 'in-pile' behaviour (use of the fuel in a reactor) before the back end of the cycle ...
Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor - Fuel Cycle
... The fuel cycle employs a full actinide recycle with two major options One is an intermediate-size (150–600 MWe) sodium-cooled reactor with uranium-plutonium-mi ... medium to large (500–1,500 MWe) sodium-cooled reactor with mixed uranium-plutonium oxide fuel, supported by a fuel cycle based upon advanced aqueous processing at a central location serving a number of reactors ...
Energy Sources - Nuclear - Fission
... Stated estimates for fission fuel supply at known usage rates vary vastly, from several decades to billions of years among other differences between the former and the latter estimates, some assume ... The nuclear industry argues that the cost of fuel is a minor cost factor for fission power if needed, more expensive, more difficult to extract sources of uranium could be used in the future, such as lower-g ... Spent fuel rods are now stored in concrete casks close to the nuclear reactors ...
Thorium Fuel Cycle - Disadvantages As Nuclear Fuel
... There are several challenges to the application of thorium as a nuclear fuel, particularly for solid fuel reactors Unlike uranium, natural thorium ... sintering temperature necessary to make thorium-dioxide fuel, complicates fuel fabrication ... Oak Ridge National Laboratory experimented with thorium tetrafluoride as fuel in a molten salt reactor from 1964–1969, which was far easier to both process and separate from ...

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