Fractional Derivative

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Fractional Calculus - Fractional Derivatives - Caputo Fractional Derivative
... There is another option for computing fractional derivatives the Caputo fractional derivative ... In contrast to the Riemann Liouville fractional derivative, when solving differential equations using Caputo's definition, it is not necessary to define the ...
Fractional Calculus - Fractional Derivative of A Basic Power Function
... that is a monomial of the form The first derivative is as usual Repeating this gives the more general result that Which, after replacing the factorials with the Gamma function, leads us to For and, we obtain the ... For example, the th derivative of the th derivative yields the 2nd derivative ... For a general function and, the complete fractional derivative is For arbitrary, since the gamma function is undefined for arguments whose real part is a negative integer, it is necessary to apply the ...

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