Formosan may refer to:

  • Taiwan or Taiwanese people
  • One of the Formosan languages
  • The Taiwanese aborigines ethnic group
  • The Formosan Mountain Dog breed

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East Formosan Languages
... The East Formosan languages consist of various Formosan languages scattered across Taiwan, including Kavalan, Amis, and the extinct Siraya language ... of Taiwan to be most likely homeland of the East Formosan speakers, where they then spread to the eastern coast of Taiwan and gradually migrated to the area of modern-day ...
Languages Of Taiwan - Other Languages - Aborigines
... The Formosan languages are the languages of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan ... All Formosan languages are slowly being replaced by the culturally dominant Mandarin Chinese ... started an aboriginal reappreciation program that included the reintroduction of Formosan mother tongue education in Taiwanese schools ...
Kanakanabu Language
... It is a Formosan language of the Austronesian family ... Formosan languages Rukaic Rukai Tsouic Tsou Kanakanabu Saaroa Northern Formosan Atayalic Atayal Seediq Northwest Formosan Saisiyat Pazeh † Kulon † Thao Babuza Favorlang † East ...
Atayalic Languages
... The Atayalic languages are a group of Formosan languages spoken in northern Taiwan ... Li groups them into the Northern Formosan branch, which includes the Northwestern Formosan languages ...
List Of Protected Species In Taiwan - Animals - Mammals
... Order Chiroptera Pteropus dasymallus formosus Formosan Flying Fox / Formosan Fruit Bat 臺灣狐蝠 I Order Primates Family Cercopithecidae 獼猴科 Macaca cyclopis Formosan Rock-monkey 臺灣獼猴 II Order ...