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Olivaceous Elaenia
... Its natural habitats are temperate forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, and heavily degraded former forest ...
Stone Pine - Distribution
... Its contemporary natural range is in the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome ecoregions and countries, including Southern Europe The Iberian conifer forests ... although rare, an extensive Stone Pine forest exists in western Peloponnese at Strofylia on the peninsula separating the Kalogria Lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea ... This coastal forest is at least 8 miles long, with dense and tall stands of Pinus pinea mixed with Pinus halepensis ...
Bintan Island - Flora and Fauna - Flora
... In Bintan, the primary forest cover was in a limited area on the hills ... This requirement was met by cutting forests of as much as the 30 hectares (190 mi) sized gambier plantations ... With this amount of forest degradation, the gambier processing could be sustained for 12 years only ...
Solomon Islands Rain Forests
... The Solomon Islands rain forests are a terrestrial ecoregion which includes most of the Solomon Islands (except the Santa Cruz Islands) and the islands of ... The Santa Cruz Islands, which lie to the east of the Solomons, are part of the Vanuatu rain forests ecoregion, together with the neighboring archipelago of Vanuatu ... The Solomon Islands rain forests are a Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests ecoregion, also known as a tropical rainforest ...
Fauna Of New Caledonia - Ecoregions
... where endemic species thrive, among including dense evergreen forests, maquis (shrubland), sclerophyllous forests (dry forests), wetlands, savannas, and ... by the eastern New Caledonia rainforest while the now-fragmentary New Caledonia dry forest runs along the west coast ... Isle of Pines and the eastern part of Grande Terre, and the dry tropical forests on the West side of Grande Terre ...

Famous quotes containing the word forests:

    ‘Tis chastity, my brother, chastity.
    She that has that is clad in complete steel,
    And like a quivered nymph with arrows keen
    May trace huge forests and unharbored heaths,
    Infamous hills and sandy perilous wilds,
    Where, through the sacred rays of chastity,
    No savage fierce, bandit, or mountaineer
    Will dare to soil her virgin purity.
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    The civilized nations—Greece, Rome, England—have been sustained by the primitive forests which anciently rotted where they stand. They survive as long as the soil is not exhausted. Alas for human culture! little is to be expected of a nation, when the vegetable mould is exhausted, and it is compelled to make manure of the bones of its fathers. There the poet sustains himself merely by his own superfluous fat, and the philosopher comes down on his marrow-bones.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    What forests of laurel we bring, and the tears of mankind, to those who stood firm against the opinion of their contemporaries!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)