Formal Group Law

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Lubin–Tate Formal Group Laws
... The Lubin–Tate formal group law is the unique (1-dimensional) formal group law F such that e(x) = px + xp is an endomorphism of F, in other words More ... All the group laws for different choices of e satisfying these conditions are strictly isomorphic ... For each element a in Zp there is a unique endomorphism f of the Lubin–Tate formal group law such that f(x) = ax + higher-degree terms ...
Elliptic Cohomology - Definitions and Constructions
... These theories possess a complex orientation, which gives a formal group law ... A particularly rich source for formal group laws are elliptic curves ... is called elliptic if it is even periodic and its formal group law is isomorphic to a formal group law of an elliptic curve E over R ...

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