Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is an amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish with sea salt. It is used as a condiment in various cuisines. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient in numerous cultures in Southeast Asia and the coastal regions of East Asia, and features heavily in Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Philippine cuisine.

In addition to being added to dishes during the cooking process, fish sauce is also used as a base for a dipping condiment that is prepared in many different ways by cooks in each country mentioned for fish, shrimp, pork, and chicken. In parts of southern China, it is used as an ingredient for soups and casseroles. Fish sauce, and its derivatives, impart an umami flavor to food due to their glutamate content.

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Culture Of Vietnam - Cuisine
... oil and many vegetables, and is mainly based on rice, soy sauce, and fish sauce ... are sweet (sugar), spicy (serrano pepper), sour (lime), nuoc mam (fish sauce), and flavored by a variety of mint and basil ... The boiling stock, fragrant with spices and sauces, is poured over the noodles and vegetables, poaching the paper-thin slices of raw beef just before serving ...
Fish Sauce - Types - Western
... liquamen is thus made the intestines of fish are thrown into a vessel, and are salted and small fish, especially atherinae, or small mullets, or maenae, or lycostomi, or any small ... is laid in the vessel filled with the small fish already mentioned, and the garum will flow into the basket and they take up what has been percolated through the basket, which is called ...
... (Lao ປາແດກ) is a traditional Lao condiment made from pickled or fermented fish that has been cured ... Often known as Lao fish sauce, it is a thicker, seasoned fish sauce that often contains chunks of fish in it ... Unlike other versions of fish sauce in Southeast Asia, padaek is made from freshwater fish, owing to the landlocked nature of the former kingdom of Lan Xang ...
Tiết Canh - Typical Preparation
... prevented from premature coagulation (hãm huyết), by mixing it with some fish sauce of certain proportions, usually three to five soup spoons of fish sauce for one quart (approximately 1 liter) of blood ... The blood and fish sauce mixture is then diluted with some watery broth left from cooking the meat and/or gizzards to promote blood coagulation, then quickly poured into the prepared meat dish ...
Spring Roll - Regional - Vietnam
... at room temperature with fermented soybean sauce (tương xào), hoisin sauce, or fish sauce ... Hoisin peanut sauce, soybean sauce (tương xào), and fish sauce nước mắm pha (nước chấm) are all common sauces when eating spring rolls ... A typical hoisin dipping sauce includes grated ginger, hoisin sauce, peanut butter and sugar ...

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