Finkelstein (פֿינק(ע)לשׁטײַן, פינקלשׁט(י)ין, Финкельштейн) is a German and Yiddish surname (originated from German Karfunkelstein, a "carbuncle stone") shared by a number of notable individuals:

  • Arthur Fields (Abe Finkelstein), American singer and songwriter
  • Arthur J. Finkelstein, US Republican political activist
  • Avram Finkelstein, gay rights activist
  • Clive Finkelstein, Information Engineering pioneer
  • David Finkelstein, professor of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Daniel Finkelstein, British journalist
  • Israel Finkelstein, Israeli archaeologist
  • Jacob Finkelstein (Jackie Fields), American world champion welterweight & Olympic champion featherweight Hall of Fame boxer
  • Louis Finkelstein, Talmud scholar
  • Louis Finkelstein (artist) (1923-2000), painter and Queens College (CUNY) professor
  • Max Finkelstein (died 1940), New York City policeman.
  • Meir Finkelstein, cantor and composer of contemporary Jewish liturgical music
  • Menachem Finkelstein, Israeli district judge, Israel's Military Advocate General from 2000 to 2004.
  • Norman Finkelstein, American political scientist and writer.
  • Norman Finkelstein (poet), poet and writer
  • Peter Max (Peter Finkelstein)
  • Salo Finkelstein
  • William Zorach (born Finkelstein)

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