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List Of Kodomo No Jikan Characters - Characterization Differences Between Media
... and profound, in characterization between the two media Towards the end of the final episode of the anime, Aoki and Rin have a heart-to-heart concerning his lack ... Her anime counterpart somewhat maturely states in the final episode that she has decided not to rush things with him and will take her time ... In the final episode of the anime, as a result of her, Mimi, and his concern about Rin's welfare, Kuro's animosity towards Aoki decreased considerably and she showed subtle signs of genuinely caring about ...
Carlos Nieto (Third Watch Character) - James 'Jimmy' Doherty
2004 and then returned for a cameo in the show's final episode a year later ... Jimmy, born in 1968 (his age was given as 35 in his final episode ) originally wanted to become a baseball player, and even tried out for the New York Yankees in 1993 ... The family reappeared in the final episode at Carlos Nieto's and Holly Levine's wedding ...
List Of Skins Characters - Second Generation
... Name Actor Series featured Centric episodes Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem Kaya Scodelario 1 - 4, 7 1.08, 2.07, 3.08, 3.10, 4.07, 7.05, 7.06 Enigmatic and elusive, Effy’s the queen bee ... In the final episode, it is implied that another reconciliation will occur between Pandora and Thomas ... In the final episode, Thomas and Pandora appear to be friendly with each other again and he tells her that he will be attending Harvard University on an athletic scholarship ...
Sunshine Heartbeat - Character Bio
... On the last episode, Ah Sun doesn't officially have the breakup talk with Mia, but both of them begin dating someone else, for Ah Sun, he begins dating Ah Kiu, Mia's little ... In the final episode, she finally discovers where her heart belongs and begins dating Nic, the rumored bad student ... In the final episode, this ambiguous relationship comes to an end when Mia finally realizes that she is in love with Nic ...
Bus Stop (TV Series) - Final Episode
... In his book Danse Macabre, Stephen King nominated this episode as "...the single most frightening story ever done on TV." King wrote that Bus Stop was "...a straight drama show.. ... The final episode, however, deviated wildly into the supernatural, and for me, Robert Bloch's adaptation of his own short story "I Kiss Your Shadow" has never been ...

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    The press is no substitute for institutions. It is like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision. Men cannot do the work of the world by this light alone. They cannot govern society by episodes, incidents, and eruptions. It is only when they work by a steady light of their own, that the press, when it is turned upon them, reveals a situation intelligible enough for a popular decision.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)

    The chief reason warfare is still with us is neither a secret death-wish of the human species, nor an irrepressible instinct of aggression, nor, finally and more plausibly, the serious economic and social dangers inherent in disarmament, but the simple fact that no substitute for this final arbiter in international affairs has yet appeared on the political scene.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)