Farley - People (family Name)

People (family Name)

  • Chris Farley (1964–1997), U.S. comedian
  • Christopher John Farley, U.S. journalist
  • David Farley, U.S. author and journalist
  • James Farley (1888–1976), U.S. politician, Postmaster General
  • James T. Farley (1829–1886), U.S. politician
  • James Indus Farley (1871–1948), U.S. politician
  • Jennifer Farley, also known as JWoww, American television personality, Jersey Shore
  • John Murphy Farley (1842–1918), U.S. archbishop and cardinal
  • John H. Farley (1846–1922), former mayor of Cleveland, Ohio
  • John P. Farley (born 1968), U.S. actor
  • Joseph F. Farley (1889–1974), U.S. Coast Guard Commandant
  • Kevin Farley (born 1965), U.S. actor
  • Margaret Farley, U.S. theologican and author
  • Patrick Farley, pioneer of webcomics
  • Richard Farley, stalker
  • Rick Farley (1952–2006), Australian activist
  • Terri Farley, U.S. author
  • Thomas Farley, U.S. editor, author
  • Tim Farley, blogger, podcaster, skeptic
  • Trevor Farley, Canadian politician
  • Walter Farley, U.S. author

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