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Salagama - Origin - Nambudiri
... They have family names which commence with Namediri or Nanediri, family names ending with the suffix Muni (Sage), and family names such as Wijerama (the conquering Rama ... coronation ceremony,of king Vijayabahu, had the suffix "Muni" added to his name, was a Nambudiri Brahmin named Edirimuni,) The second wave of Namboodiris arrived in Srilanka, when the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka ...
Polish Name - Nazwisko (surname) - History, Heraldry, and Clan Names
... Family names first appeared in Poland ca ... Originally the nobles belonged to chivalric clans whose names survived in the names of their coats of arms ... separate families with different surnames, usually derived from the name of the village they owned ...
Lithuanian Name - Pavardė (surname) - History
... Family names first appeared in Lithuania ca ... Polish one in the Union of Horodlo in 1413, is that a coat of arms does not belong to a single family ... of them), usually with a number of different family names, may use a coat of arms, and each coat of arms has its own name ...
Kruševlje - History - Danube Swabian Village
... German colonists used the name Kruschiwelj for the village, which was modified version of original Serbian name ... Settele, Schira, Lewang, Gosse, Frantzem, Lattele (all their family names are here spelled in German) ... There were later also some Hungarian family names like Wirag, Kerescher, Lombocs and Ujwari and Bunjevac like Kusanitsch who all were Swabianized as well ...
Croatian Name - Croatian Family Names
... Family names started to appear among Croats in the 12th century ... Since the Council of Trent, both the given and family names would be written down ...

Famous quotes containing the words names and/or family:

    Every man who has lived for fifty years has buried a whole world or even two; he has grown used to its disappearance and accustomed to the new scenery of another act: but suddenly the names and faces of a time long dead appear more and more often on his way, calling up series of shades and pictures kept somewhere, “just in case” in the endless catacombs of the memory, making him smile or sigh, and sometimes almost weep.
    Alexander Herzen (1812–1870)

    Diamonds may have been a girl’s best friend in an era when a woman’s only hope of having a high family income was to marry a man who was well-off, but today, marketable skills that will enable a woman to command a good income over her lifetime are a better investment.
    Grace Baruch (20th century)