Expression Cloning

Expression cloning is a technique in DNA cloning that uses expression vectors to generate a library of clones, with each clone expressing one protein. This expression library is then screened for the property of interest and clones of interest recovered for further analysis. An example would be using an expression library to isolate genes that could confer antibiotic resistance.

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Techniques of Molecular Biology - Expression Cloning
... One of the most basic techniques of molecular biology to study protein function is expression cloning ... enzymes) into a plasmid (known as an expression vector) ... A vector has 3 distinctive features an origin of replication, a multiple cloning site (MCS), and a selective marker (usually antibiotic resistance) ...
Expression Cloning - Purpose
... Usually the ultimate aim of expression cloning is to produce large quantities of specific proteins ... To this end, a bacterial expression clone may include a ribosome binding site (Shine-Dalgarno sequence) to enhance translation of the gene of interest's mRNA, a transcription termination sequence, or, in ...

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