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Experimenter Publishing was an American media company founded by Hugo Gernsback in 1915. The first magazine was The Electrical Experimenter (1913–1931) and the most notable magazines were Radio News (1919–1985) and Amazing Stories (1926–2005). Their radio station, WRNY, began broadcasting experimental television in 1928. In early 1929 the company was forced into bankruptcy and the Gernsback brothers lost control of Experimenter Publishing. The magazines did not miss an issue and were quickly sold to another publisher. The Gernsbacks promptly started new magazines to compete with their former ones.

Radio News became Popular Electronics and the January 1975 issue featured the Altair 8800 computer on the cover; this launched the personal computer revolution. Hugo Gernsback's Amazing Stories is regarded as the first dedicated science fiction magazine and every year World Science Fiction Society gives the Hugo Awards for the best science fiction and fantasy works.

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... Electrical Experimenter, May 1913 to July 1920 ... Became The Experimenter ... Motor Camper Tourist, June 1924 to August 1926 (or later) The Experimenter, November 1924 to February 1926 ...
Radio News - Bankruptcy
... These magazines were published by Experimenter Publishing Company and would prominently show "Hugo Gernsback Editor" on the cover ... In addition to Experimenter Publishing, they had two radio stations and published books ... February 20, 1929 an involuntary petition of bankruptcy was filed against Experimenter Publishing and the April 1929 issue of Radio News was the last to feature Hugo Gernsback as editor ...

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