Who is norman reilly raine?

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    An artist should remain true. Otherwise his talent, like his stomach, grows fat and stuffy.
    Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)

    “I am innocent, Long live France! I am innocent,” Dreyfus kept repeating, over and over, while they reviled him. All he needed was a crown of thorns.
    —Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)

    Great writers arrive among us like new diseases—threatening, powerful, impatient for patients to pick up their virus, irresistible.
    —Craig Raine (b. 1944)

    That’s what I always say. Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo.
    Arthur Sheerman, U.S. screenwriter. Norman McLeod. Monkey Business (film)

    Zola: I need someone to remind me of the old, struggling, carefree days. Fighting for a foothold.
    Paul C├ęzanne: You can never go back to it. And I never left it.
    —Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)