Ewart may refer to:

People with the given name Ewart:

  • Ewart Adamson (1882–1945), Scottish screenwriter
  • Ewart Astill (1888–1948), English Test cricketer
  • William Ewart Boulter (1892–1955), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Ewart Brown (born 1946), Premier of Bermuda
  • George Ewart Evans (20th century), British writer
  • William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898), British prime minister
  • Ewart Scott Grogan (1874–1967), British explorer, politician, and entrepreneur
  • Ewart John Arlington Harnum (1910–1996), Canadian businessman and Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ewart Horsfall (1892–1974), British rower
  • Ewart Milne (1903–1987), Irish poet
  • William Ewart Napier (1881–1952), American chess master
  • Ewart Oakeshott (1916–2002), British illustrator, collector, and amateur historian

People with the surname Ewart:

  • Alfred James Ewart (1872–1937), English-Australian botanist
  • Charles Ewart (1769–1846), Scottish soldier
  • David Ewart (20th century), Canadian architect
  • Douglas Ewart (born 1946), multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder
  • Ewa Ewart, Polish documentary film maker
  • Frank Ewart (1876–1947) Oneness Pentecostal Preacher and author
  • Gavin Ewart (1916–1995), British poet
  • Hamilton G. Ewart (1849–1918), member of the United States House of Representatives
  • Ivan Ewart (1919–1995), Northern Irish naval officer, businessman and charity worker
  • J. S. Ewart (1849–1933), Canadian lawyer and author
  • James Cossar Ewart (1851–1933), zoologist
  • John Albert Ewart (20th century), Canadian architect
  • John Ewart (1928–1994), Australian actor
  • John Ewart (architect) (1788–1856), Canadian architect and businessman
  • Peter Ewart (1767–1842), British engineer
  • William Ewart, various including:
    • William Ewart (1798–1869), British politician
    • Sir William Ewart, 1st Baronet (1817–1889), Northern Irish linen manufacturer and politician
  • Leon Clifford Ewart (born 1940), Prominate Keokuk businessman and land tycoon

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... John Ewart (1928–1994) was an Australian Film Institute award winning actor John Ewart may also refer to John Ewart (architect) (1788–1856), Canadian architect and business John Albert Ewart (1872–1964 ... Ewart (John Skirving Ewart, 1849–1933), Canadian lawyer and author ...
Sir William Ewart, 1st Baronet
... Sir William Ewart, 1st Baronet (22 November 1817 – 1 August 1889) was an Irish linen manufacturer and Unionist politician who sat in the House of ... Ewart was the son of William Ewart of Sydenham Park County Down ... Ewart was Member of Parliament (MP) for Belfast from 1878 until the constituency was divided under the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885, and then for the Northern Division of Belfast until his ...
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Catherine Seaton Skirving
... Catherine Seaton Skirving (Ewart), (10 March 1818 – 7 May 1897), was a noted Canadian philanthropist and volunteer ... She was the mother of John Skirving Ewart, a noted Canadian lawyer and author ...
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... John Ewart (January 31, 1788 – September 18, 1856) was a Canadian architect and businessman ... His daughter, Jane, was wife of Sir Oliver Mowat and his son, Thomas Ewart was married to Catherine Seaton Skirving, a noted philanthropist ...