Evil Exists

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Inconsistent Triad - The Problem of Evil
... The problem of evil is often given in the form of an inconsistent triad ... propositions God is omnipotent God is omnibenevolent Evil exists Mackie argued that these propositions were inconsistent, and thus, that at least one of ... Either God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent, and evil does not exist ...
Problem Of Evil - Detailed Arguments - Logical Problem of Evil
... The originator of the problem of evil is often cited as the Greek philosopher Epicurus, and this argument may be schematized as follows If an all-powerful and perfectly good god exists, then ... There is evil in the world ... Therefore, an all-powerful and perfectly good god does not exist ...

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    Toddlerhood resembles adolescence because of the rapidity of physical growth and because of the impulse to break loose of parental boundaries. At both ages, the struggle for independence exists hand in hand with the often hidden wish to be contained and protected while striving to move forward in the world. How parents and toddlers negotiate their differences sets the stage for their ability to remain partners during childhood and through the rebellions of the teenage years.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)

    O God of our flesh, return us to Your wrath,
    Let us be evil could we enter in
    Your grace, and falter on the stony path!
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)