Evangelical Church (ECNA)

Evangelical Church (ECNA)

The Evangelical Church in North America is a national Protestant denomination in the United States. It is closely identified within the holiness movement with roots in Methodism and the teachings of John Wesley. Its headquarters are located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Its official emblem is composed of a red flame, symbolizing the fire of the Holy Spirit which descended at Pentecost, atop an open Bible. As of 2000, the Church had 12,475 members in 133 local churches. The Church sponsors missionaries in seven countries.

It publishes an official magazine, The Evangelical Challenge, issued quarterly, and a newsletter, The Heartbeat, ten months per year.

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Evangelical Church (ECNA) - Affiliations
... The EvangelicalChurch is a member of the Christian Holiness Association and the National Association of Evangelicals ... The EvangelicalChurch is a missionary oriented churchaveraging at least one adult missionary per local church ... The three major organizations supported, beyond the EvangelicalChurch Missions department, are OMS International, World Gospel Mission and Wycliffe ...

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