European Route E45 - Sweden


In November 2006, the E 45 was extended with the current Swedish national road 45, which makes it start from Karesuando at the E 8 at the Swedish–Finnish border, over Östersund–Mora–Grums, to Gothenburg and on. This extended the length of the route by about 1,690 km (1,050 mi). The signs of road 45 was changed to E 45 during the summer of 2007. The E 45 has now no other national number. In Sweden the road is called Inlandsvägen.

The E45 in Sweden is mostly an ordinary road. Between Karesuando and Torsby (1370 km) the road is usually 6–8 meters wide, and goes mostly through sparsely populated forests, with occasional villages and only two cities, Östersund and Mora. South of Grums the E45 is a motorway for 6 km together with the E18. Between Säffle and Trollhättan several parts of it is 2+1 road with a middle barrier. Between Trollhättan and Göteborg a motorway is under construction, finished 2012. The speed limit is usually 100 km/h north of Mora and usually 90 south thereof. There are 27 road crossings or intersections where the Swedish E45 does not follow the straight direction. There are 26 level crossings with railways.

The ferry Gothenburg–Frederikshavn has about 8 daily departures and takes 2–3½ hours.

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